Bearings and Power Transmission

Wilec’s Bearing and Power Transmission division is a reliable partner for industrial solutions. With a focus on quality and performance, they supply and support a range of well-known brands of industrial bearings, including FAG, NSK, and KBF, along with associated components. But that’s not all—Wilec goes beyond bearings to provide comprehensive solutions for the South African and neighbouring markets.

Product Offerings

  1. Industrial Bearings: Wilec’s expertise lies in industrial bearings. Whether you’re in mining, metallurgy, or bulk handling, their selection of high-quality bearings ensures smooth operation and longevity. The inclusion of split bearings allows for easier maintenance and replacement.
  2. Chains Solutions: Wilec understands the importance of reliable chains in various industries. Their transmission chains are designed to withstand heavy loads, ensuring efficient power transfer. From road construction to petrochemical plants, Wilec’s chains keep things moving.
  3. Components and Accessories: Beyond bearings and chains, Wilec supplies essential components:some text
    • Couplings: Ensuring proper alignment and torque transmission.
    • Weld-On Hubs: Sturdy hubs for connecting shafts.
    • Sprockets: Vital for chain-driven systems.
    • V-Belts and Pulleys: Efficient power transmission.
    • Taper Lock Bushes: Easy installation and removal.
    • Leaf Chains: Ideal for lifting applications.
    • Oil Seals: Keeping contaminants out.
    • Gearboxes and Repairs: Ensuring smooth gear operation.
    • Electric Motors: Powering various machinery.

Customer Benefits

Wilec’s commitment to quality extends beyond product supply. Here’s why customers choose them:

  1. Reduced Machine Failures: By offering reliable components, Wilec helps minimize unexpected downtime due to equipment failures.
  2. Lower Maintenance Costs: High-quality bearings and components require less frequent replacement, resulting in cost savings.
  3. Trouble-Free Operation: Wilec’s products contribute to trouble-free machinery performance, allowing businesses to focus on productivity.
  4. Comprehensive After-Sales Service: Wilec stands by its products. Their partnership with manufacturers ensures excellent after-sales support.

Diverse Applications

Wilec caters to a wide range of industries:

  • Electrical Motor Winding Industry: Ensuring reliable motor performance through quality components.
  • Agricultural Industry: From tractors to harvesters to Silo’s, reliable bearings and chains are essential.
  • Mining and Metallurgy: Harsh environments demand robust solutions.
  • Mineral Processing: Precise machinery relies on quality components.
  • Bulk Handling: Conveyors and material handling benefit from Wilec’s offerings.
  • Road Construction: Smooth asphalt requires reliable equipment.
  • Petrochemical Industry: Chemical processes rely on dependable components.
  • Cement Manufacturing: Bearings and chains keep cement plants running.
  • Water Treatment: Critical infrastructure demands top-notch products.
  • Automotive Industry: From assembly lines to vehicle components.
  • Food & Beverage Industry: Stainless steel bearing and food grade solutions.

Wilec’s Bearing and Power Transmission division provides a holistic package for industries seeking reliability, longevity, and performance. Whether you’re replacing a bearing or planning a large-scale project, Wilec has you covered.

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