Wilec to Africa and Beyond

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October 1, 2022
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We are in a period of great migrations in multiple areas of industry and life in general, where we are seeing a redirection in how business and operations are becoming more conscious of their footprint and impact in their areas of operations and investment.

In order for sustainability to take root there needs tobe growth, and the growth path we foresee is in Africa. Africa is regarded as the last frontier in business development whilst coincidently, there is a huge growth in technology and innovation on the continent. The burning question is what this means for our business in particular.

From an African standpoint, we want to ensure that WILEC contributes to the development of our continent as the preferred and leading technology partner. With that vision our export operations will not only benefit the development of South Africa, but expand to the rest of Africa and beyond where there is huge potential for trade and operational growth.


The notion that Africa must import from abroad what we are able to produce is a narrative and practice that we want to change. Our economic proposition is the value-add activities that will see Africans being employed and the sustainable technological development that will advance infrastructure and technology in local African communities. Our passion for our continent and sustainability efforts will continue to reflect in our future strategies.


The role of our business is important for the export market. We are building on WILEC’s foundational success whilst we also migrate to a greener and sustainable future for our operations, product offering and the sustainable development of ourpeople. We are forging ahead with a strengthened vision in changing the Africanexport landscape with our WILEC outlook.


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