A Strong Footing Geared To Advancing The Sustainable Future Of Wilec

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July 25, 2023
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2023 marks 70 years since Wilec was founded and 4 years under new ownership. A strong brand, underpinned by strong partnerships and good industry relationships, the buy-in to the company presented strong prospects for the future. A future that contributes to sustainability and delivering value for all stakeholders.

A strategic focus rooted in growth and innovation

Wilec has adopted a 4-point strategic focus

1. Modernising plant and operations

2. Investing in environmentally friendly and responsible manufacturing processes

3. Unlocking potential of the African export market, the company has opened a branch in Zambia

4. Encourage employee and stakeholder (customers included) buy-in into the new ownership

As Wilec continues along its growth journey under its new ownership, the company will be maximizing new opportunities. With the company’s range of copper products being catalysts for environmentally friendly uses, it's safe to say that the future of the company is geared towards sustainability.

Wilec has already set a strong footing in the electric vehicle space and will continue to grow in this in the future.

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