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Wilec’s Envirotemp ester dielectric oil seminar well received

Wilec recently hosted a two-day seminar on Envirotemp ester dielectric transformer oil for potential local users of the product.

The seminar, staged at the Emperor’s Palace conference centre in Kempton Park in March, was presented by two experts from Cargill Industrial in the US, the producers and suppliers of Envirotemp oils, now offered by Wilec in the local market.

The seminar was attended by representatives of a cross-section of potential users, including original equipment manufacturers, mining companies, municipalities and Eskom.

The presenters were David Roesser, Global General Manager, Dielectric Fluids, and John Luksich, Principal Engineer of Cargill Industrial, whose presentations covered all aspects of the topic in detail.

“The feedback we have received from many of the people who attended has been very positive. Follow-up meetings have been arranged between Wilec and some of the companies and organisations, which include several of the largest users of transformer oil in the country,” said Louis Blom, Wilec’s Sales & Marketing Executive.

Wilec introduced Envirotemp FR3 natural oil and a synthetic version known as Envirotemp 200 last year after securing the sole distributorship rights for Southern Africa from Cargill Industrial.

Envirotemp, which is used worldwide by transformer manufacturers and repairers, power utilities and a diverse range of industrial users, is the first globally-proven ester dielectric oil to be made available in Southern Africa.

Ester oil, in addition to being environmentally-friendly, has great advantages over mineral oil, the most important being:

  • It is highly fire-resistant, with a flash point of more than twice that of mineral oil.
  • It has excellent dielectric characteristics that include greater efficiency resulting from a higher loading capacity than the equivalent mineral oil.
  • Its higher temperature tolerance extends transformer life due to the superior insulation thereby achieved.
  • It enables the design of smaller transformers, with consequent cost-saving advantages through less construction materials and fluid being required.