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A Modern and Objective Test of Stator Core Wedges

Model WTD-501

  • Make sound maintenance decisions based upon reliable and consistent WTD data
  • Use for all rotating machinery, including ripple springs
  • Repeatable, objective, numeric test data removes subjectivity of hand tapping methods
  • Fast, easy wedge tightness testing and analysis
  • Permanent record of test data
  • Easy report generation

The WTD-501 allows maintenance personnel to easily and effectively assess the tightness of wedges. Electronic measurement and storage enables easy and accurate trending of wedge tightness data from test to test.

Stator wedges are traditionally tested for tightness by tapping them with a hammer and listening to the sound produced. This method is slow and prone to discrepancies. Electronic wedge tightness evaluation is faster, more accurate and provides more consistent results. The WTD-501 can be used to test all types of generator and motor stator wedges, including those with ripple springs.

A hand-held probe automatically taps and measures each wedge approximately 30 times in three seconds. An Accelerometer gathers the data and transmits it to the WTD-501. Results are presented on a PC in the form of numericvalues and a color-coded tightness map.


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  • Feature-packed software 
  • Great flexibilty in test set-up
  • Three different calibration modes • In-depth analyzing capabilities
  • Printing of results • Ability to export test data to spreadsheets, databases or word processors

The Modern Way to Test Wedge Tightness

The color-coded map makes it easy to identify suspect areas. Details are provided in a numeric tightness report. Operator may choose up to five categories to classify wedge tightness.


Power Supply 90-132/180-264V, 50/60Hz
Hand-held Probe Dimensions Width – 25mm (1”)
  Height – 160mm (61/4”)
  Length – 145mm (53/4”)
Minimum Wedge Width 10mm (0.4”)
Minimum Wedge Length 50mm (2.0”)
Slot Depth Adjustment 0mm – 20mm (10mm – 25mm wide)
  0mm – 60mm (>25mm wide)
Connection Cable Length 15m (50’)
Analyzer Dimensions 33 x 16 x 37cm (13” x 6” x 141/2”)
Calibration Board Dimensions 10 x 25 x 150cm (4” x 1” x 6”)

Carrying Case Dimensions

60 x 50 x 20cm (26” x 191/2” x 8”)

Weight (Entire Kit)

25 kg (55 lb.)

Operating Temperature

+10º to +40ºC (+50º to +104ºF)



Min PC Requirements

Pentium II, 256MB, CD ROM, Windows 2000 or later

This product incorporates technology developed for the United States Electric Power Industry under the sponsorship of EPRI, the Electric Power Research Institute.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.