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VOTAFILM ® 2646 is a special thermal PET-film, coated with a thin silicone coating on both sides.  VOTAFILM® 2646 has high tensile strength and edge tear resistance and shows excellent separation properties, is easy removable, without residues.   VOTAFILM® 2646 has a low shrinkage rate at up to 180 °C.


VOTAFILM ® 2645 is used as release film in the curing process of thermosetting resins.  Due to the good thermal resistance and separation properties VOTAFILM ® 2645 is suitable up to 180 °C in a very economical manner.  After pressing the shrinking properties give a uniform radius on the corners.

Rolls maximum width 1050 mm
Tape 40 mm width


VOTAFILM ® 2645 can be stored 2 years under normal conditions (20 °C; 50% humidity)

Processing Advice

Curing condition: 3 hours at 5 °C or 6 hours at 140 °C


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Technical Data
Properties Test Method Unit Value
Nominal thickness mm 0.03
Total substance IPV 4 g/m² 32
PER-film µm 19
Silicone coating (both sides) g/m² 3
Typical shrinkage alongside 150°C / 15 Min % 25
Yield m²/kg 33