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Transformer Paper – PaperTubes

Transformer Paper - PaperTubes

Material Properties:

  • Made from Transformer Kraft paper, Diamond Dot paper and Crepe paper materials.

Transformer Paper - PaperTubes



Transformer Kraft Paper Tubes

Code Size
TP595 ID 9.5 X OD12.7mm
TP513 ID13.0 X OD19.0mm
TP514 ID13.0 X OD25.0mm
TP520 ID20.0 X OD30.0mm
TP525 ID25.0 X OD51.0mm
TP530 ID30.0 X OD40.0mm
TP538 ID38.0 X OD51.0mm
TP544 ID44.0 X OD51.0mm

Diamond Dot paper Tubes

Code Size
TP525DD ID21 X OD25mm
TP544DD ID38.1 X OD44mm
TP51316DD ID13mm X OD 16mm
TP51016DD ID 10.3 mm X OD 16mm

Crepe paper Tubes

Code Size
TP510 5.0mm ID X 1.0mm
TP502 5.0mm ID X 2.0mm
TP810 8.0mm ID X 1.0mm
TP820 8.0mm ID X 2.0mm
TP101 10.0mm ID X 1.0mm
TP172 17.0mm ID X 2.0mm
TP222 22.0mm ID X 2.0mm
TP103 10.0mm ID X 3.0mm
TP202 20.0mm ID X 2.0mm

*Other dimensions available on request