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The RIV Camera System Model 752 provides a flexible system for Rotor-in-Place inspections of large generators. It is fitted to the ADWEL Robotic Inspection Vehicle, RIV-702, which can be moved along the stator slots. The camera system includes an integral light. The camera and light are directed at a 45° mirror, which can be remotely rotated through 360° to allow scanning of the stator & rotor as well as looking forward along the air-gap.

The camera can also be focused remotely. The system allows a visual inspection of the generator stator and rotor, including checking the air vents for debris, without removing the rotor. The video output is displayed on a 150mm Colour TFT LCD integral monitor in the control unit. Composite video output is provided for feeding to a second monitor or video recorder.



  • Low profile (30mm) allows rotor-in-place testing
  • Scans image while conducting wedge tightness or other tests
  • High resolution large bright image
  • Display video on included monitor and record through video output
  • Image can be adjusted for angle and focus



Rotor-in-place Visual Inspection of Rotating Machines

Model CAM-752

  • Visually inspect stator and rotor for defects and damage with rotor in place
  • Focus on the stator core surface, stator air vents or rotor surface
  • Fits to the Robotic Inspection Vehicle for moving along stator slots
  • Assists positioning for Rotor-in-Place wedge tightness testing
  • Check for debris in air-gap
  • Built-in light source


Pixels (H/V) 537/597 (PAL) 537/505 (NTSC)
Resolution 320 tv lines
Scanning System 2 : 1 Interlace
S/N Ratio 46dB
Viewing Angle 51° x 40° (f3.8)
Sensitivity 5 LUX (F2.0)
Operating Temperature -10° to +40°C (+14° to +104°F)
Focusing Remotely operated via Control Unit
View Angle Continuous rotation. Unobstructed external viewing angle approx. 270° via mirror.
Location Integral with camera assembly
Direction Rotates to cover viewing angle
Lamps Permanently wired white LED’s
Control Cable Integral control and video signal cable between camera module and control unit.
  Length not critical (standard length 12m)
Integral Monitor 
Type Colour TFT LCD – approx. size 150mm (6″)
Controls Front Panel, display automatically switched to required mirror image
Power Requirements 
Control Unit 85-264V, 50/60Hz, 50VA (Fuse 2A)
Weight & Dimensions 
Camera Dimensions 115mm x 50mm x 30mm (41/2″ x 2″ x 11/4″)
Camera weight 200 g (7.0 oz)
Case Dimensions 20 x 37 x 58cm (8″ x 141/2″ x 23″)
Kit Weight 9 kg (20 lb.)
Standards EN61010-1, EN61326, CE Marked

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.