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Risatti H3 Series

Risatti H3 Series


Series H3


Going back to 1958, after the great success with the H2 series, RISATTI has decided to realise the new H3 series, managed by PC integrated in the instrument. This machine considers all specific needs of end users of all levels. The different versions and option allow an easy customisation of the instrument.


Suitable to test on stators, single and three-phase motors and direct-current; transformers, coils, die-cast and wounded rotors, in low-medium voltage. Particular attention is given to accident prevention safety, simplicity of use, complete performance and toughness.


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The Tests

“SURGE” IMPULSE TEST IMPULSE TESTS on any type of winding. It detects: short-circuit of turns, of windings, winding errors; it visualises micro discharges. (OPTION)

DIELECTRIC STRENGTH TEST in D.C. to test also big electric machines

MEASURE OF THE INSULATION RESISTANCE. Mohm reading for all the available voltage range

POLARISATION INDEX (IP), DAR AND DD in automatic mode (OPTION). They allow to satisfy all normative requirements.

TEST ON DIE-CAST ROTORS (OPTION). Detection of: interrupted bars, blowing, porosity, etc.

MEASURE OF THE OHMMIC RESISTANC. Resolution at 10μΩ, calculation of unbalance between phases, compensation at ambient