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Nomex® Covered Conductor

Nomex® Covered Conductor

Nomex® type 410 aramid paper is an aromatic polyamide product which combines high temperature durability with the high mechanical and electrical properties required for an outstanding insulating material. Type 410 retains good electrical properties in the presence of moisture. For example, its di-electric strength, is essentially constant for paper conditioned at 0 and 95% relative humidity.

Nomex® maintains its excellent combination of electrical and mechanical properties over long periods at elevated temperatures.

In laboratory and field tests with refrigeration systems, refrigerant gas samples and compressor oil samples have not shown any significant contamination or degradation resulting from the use of type 410 paper in the system.

The Nomex® used on Transwire magnet wire is (.05mm) in thickness. For single paper insulation the tape is 49% to 66% lapped. For multiple papers (two or three) the tapes are intercalated.

Transwire. Nomex® insulated magnet wire is recommended for use in applications up to 200°C.

It will meet the requirement of NEMA SPECIFICATIONS MW-60/MW-61.

* Du Pont Company registered trademark.