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High Temperature Resistant Epoxy Laminate

High temperature resistant epoxy laminate with excellent mechanical and thermal properties at very high temperatures.


ISOVAL M is prepared from glass-mat impregnated with the high temperature resistant epoxy system.  Laminates exhibit excellent thermal and chemical resistance as well as high mechanical strength at high temperatures.


ISOVAL M can be used as a high quality construction material as well as an electric and thermal insulation material in various machines and equipments, especially in those areas, where high operating temperatures are coupled with high mechanical strength requirements.  The excellent chemical resistance makes ISOVAL M an ideal construction material in the chemical industry.

Machining  Recommendation

Due to the strength and hardness of the laminate and also the high glass content the tools used can be subject to a great degree of abrasion.  We therefore advise that only diamond carbide tipped tools and high speed machinery are used. 


Thickness: 0.1 – 160 mm Thickness tolerances  

according IEC 60893

Standard sheet size:

2140 + 30/-0 mm x 1040 +30/-0 mm

  2140 + 30/-0 mm x 1220 +30/-0 mm
  2800 + 30/-0 mm x 1220 +30/-0 mm (up to 130 mm thickness)
  3180 + 30/-0 mm x 1040 +30/-0 mm up to 60 mm thickness)
  3180 + 30/-0 mm x 1220 +30/-0 mm (up to 60 mm thickness)
  Machine parts and cuttings are available on request.

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Properties Test Method Unit Isoval M G10 Isoval G11 Isoval M11 HKB
Density ISO 1183 / A g/cm³ 1.8-1.9 1.8-1.9 1.8-1.9
Flexural strength at 23 °C ISO 178 MPa >350 >350 >350
Flexural strength at 23 °C ISO 178 MPa >200 >250 >250
Flexural strength at 23 °C ISO 178 MPa >90 >180 >180
Flexural strength at 23 °C       ISO 178 MPa   >90 >90
Water absorption IS O62/1 %  max. 0.1 max. 0.1 max. 0.1
Tracking index IEC 112 CTI 180 180 180
Thermal rating class IEC 216   F H H

All information given here are based on currently available facts and on the results of experiments performed with all due care in our laboratories.  It does not in any way reduce the responsibility of the user for carrying out further tests in order to ensure successful processing and use in specific applications.