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Inverter Grade Enamelled Wire

Inverter Grade Enamelled Wire

CORONA API (Polyamide-imide) 200°C

Corona API magnet wire is based on a dual coat polyesteramide-imide magnet wire enamel designed for high thermal class applications with excellent mechanical properties, chemical resistance, heat shock resistance and low co-efficient of friction.

Enamel configuration Dual coat system : base coat – THEIC polyesterimide top coat – Polyamide-imide
Insulation class 200°C (min)
Wire diameters 0.40 to 5.00 mm
Covering grade 2 or 3
Standards IEC 317-13, 25, 26, 29, 38
Appearance Khaki coloured enamel wire


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Inverter Grade Enamelled Wire


Corona API magnet wire exhibits all of the basic properties required for winding and performance plus added thermal characteristics rendering it suitable for continuous service up to 220°C in applications requiring corona resistance and resistance to high voltage stress applications such as inverter drives.


  • Thermal index 200°C
  • Corona and voltage spike resistant
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Pinhole resistant
  • Compatible with all common impregnating resins

Typical Applications

  • Corona or voltage spike resistant applications
  • Distribution, and power transformers – class 220°C
  • Inverter driven motor windings