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Hot Moulding Mica-Alkyd Vinyl

Hot Moulding Mica-Alkyd Vinyl

01-96 Alkyd Vinyl Mould Plate


01-96 mica moulding plate is a hot forming plate conforming to NEMA grade 2. Alkyd Vinyl resin binder in 01-96 is partially cured, it will soften under heat and facilitate good moulding. There are many different grades of 01-96 available depending on the type of mica used, binder content, surface characteristics etc.


For hot moulding of intricate parts, such as mica commutator cones, end bell insulation, slot cells, coil forms, tubes etc.


The layout consisting of the required number of layers of thin mica moulding plates (cut to definite shape), is set in a pre determined pattern. It is then heated uniformly to a temperature of 160°C – 200°C, till it becomes soft. It takes the required form when moulded under pressure. It
retains its form when cooled under pressure. The duration, temperature and pressure will have to be determined by application. These moulded parts, if required, can be fully cured under heat and pressure for several more hours to develop their full properties.

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Hot Moulding Mica-Alkyd Vinyl


Typical curing schedule for hot moulded parts: 

180°C – 220 °C

Pressure 14 – 35 kg/cm²
Duration 4 to 8 hrs
Exact curing schedules are to be arrived at by the users, depending on the desired final properties of the moulded parts.


Product Data


Thermal Classification °C 155
Thickness mm 0.25 – 1.5
Thickness Tolerance mm Avg. – Upto 24 mil (0.6 mm) ± 0.025; Over 24 mil ± 0.050; Individual ± 0.075
Binder Content % 07 – 20
Mouldability   When 2 inch wide strip is heated (135°C – 150 °C) & moulded over a mandrel of specified dia., no deflaking to be observed
kV/mm kV/mm > 20

Shelf Life

Six months at 20°C from the date of manufacturing.


Product Data
Code No.

Type of Mica

Binder Content,% Milled/Unmilled
01-96-02 5,51/2 DL Ruby 12 – 16 Unmilled
01-96-04 6 DL /6 1st Ruby 08 – 12 Milled
01-96-05 6 DL/6 1st Ruby 07 – 10 Milled
01-96-06 6 1st Ruby 14 – 20 Unmilled
01-96-11 6 1st Ruby 12 – 18 Unmilled
01-96-12 6 1st Ruby 14 – 18 Milled