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Epoxylite® 006-0838

Epoxylite® 006-0838

Epoxylite® 006-0838 is a Class H epoxy resin system designed for the Impregnation of both random and form wound machines, and is suitable for use on windings rated up to and including 7kV.

Epoxylite® 006-0838 has excellent tank stability and a relatively short cure cycle. The resins ability to give both good penetration and high film build means that excellent environmental and chemical protection can be obtained with a single application making the resin ideally suited for Electrical Repair Shop use. Epoxylite® 006-0838 has a low inherent viscosity which allows good winding penetration characteristics, however in-built thixotropy, which at low shear gives the resin system a higher viscosity, in combination with the high
reactivity of the system ensures good retention of resin both on and in the winding with low secondary drainage.


Epoxylite® 006-0838 is designed to be applied by a Vacuum Pressure Impregnation process.


Variable VPI processes can be carried out using Epoxylite® 006-0838 e.g.

Random Wound machines: A dry vacuum level of at least 1-2 mbar is recommended for about 15 – 30 minutes before the resin is introduced to the vacuum vessel. The same “wet” vacuum level should be held for 10-15 minutes prior to a pressure of 60-70 psi being applied for 15-30 minutes.

Form wound stators and armatures up to 7 kV: For more demanding applications a Vacuum of 0.5 mbar or better should be employed for a minimum of 60 mins before the resin is introduced into the vacuum vessel.

For a more complete guide to the processing of components and machines in Epoxylite® 006-0838 please refer to the separate processing data sheet for this product.

Containers of Epoxylite® 006-0838 should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight or other heat sources.

Maintenance of Resin:

The viscosity and gel-time of Epoxylite® 006-0838 in tanks should be regularly monitored and maintained within the recommended limits.

A Tank Sample Testing service is available from Sterling Technology on request.


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Epoxylite® 006-0838


Appearance Opaque, light grey liquid
Viscosity 1500 – 7000 mPas @ 25ºC
Specific Gravity 1.15 g / cm³
Mix Ratio Single component p.b.w.
Mix Ratio Single component p.b.v.
Gelation Time 4 – 6 minutes @ 160ºC
Cure Schedule 4 – 6 hours

@ 150ºC

Flash Point > 100 º C