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Elmotherm® 009-0008

Elmotherm® 009-0008

Elmotherm® 009-0008# is a solvented, alkyd resin based, air-drying, Class ‘180°C’ varnish with excellent electrical properties, good tank stability and anti-tracking qualities and incorporating a “user friendly” fungicide. Elmotherm® 009-0008# gives a bright surface finish, excellent protection against leakage currents and is particularly useful for protecting metal surfaces against oxidation as well as being an ideal impregnant for; small transformers and coils where a rapid air-drying film is required, coating insulation boards and mouldings where a good anti-tracking finish is required and can also be used for the conformal coating of printed circuit boards. Elmotherm® 009-0008# is compatible with most insulation systems, has good chemical and water resistance, has a thermal rating of 180°C and is UL listed under the Underwriters Laboratories OBOR2 File E151126(M). Elmotherm® 009-0008# is also available in a range of colours – See Over


Elmotherm® 009-0008# is suitable for application by dip, flood, spray or brush.


Components should be processed at ambient temperatures.

Coated components can, however, be forced dried at elevated temperatures up to a maximum of 80°C.

It is essential to ensure that tanks and containers of 009-0008 remain sealed or well-covered to minimise solvent loss and retain storage stability.

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Elmotherm® 009-0008


Appearance Clear amber / brown liquid
Viscosity 95 – 130 secs B4 4 Flow Cup @ 21ºC
Specific Gravity 0.96 g / cm³
Mix Ratio Single component p.b.w.
Mix Ratio Single component p.b.v.
Gelation Time 1 hour @ 21ºC
Cure Schedule 24 hours
30 minutes
@ 25ºC
@ 80ºC
Flash Point 25 º C