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EL CID has achieved world-wide acceptance as the most consistent and reliable method of detecting stator core inter-laminar insulation breakdown in large electrical machines, such as turbo and hydro generators and large motors, without any risk to the machine or user.

EL CID offers the most cost-effective way to test the condition of a stator core in less time than any other technique. The benefits of the product have ensured world-wide acceptance of the technique, providing more consistent and reliable information on the condition of a stator core in less time and lower cost than any other marketed system.

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Operation specifications

Power Supply

85-264 VAC, 50/60Hz, 15W

Communication and Data storage

USB to PC; Data is stored in open XML file format 

Battery Operation

4 hours from full charge, 12-14 hours recharge


ELAN V4 software supports the testing of all or part of a core, with retesting where required. Full screen display shows test progress and results. Analysis mode provides trace inspection in Zoom and Comparison modes, plus an Overview capability.

Chattock Inputs

2 off, 100 μV/A nominal @ 50Hz
Calibration range 1-999%
Ranges 0.4A/4.0A/40A fsd
200% overrange @ 100% calibration


Laptop PC, Windows XP or Vista (Microsoft®)

Reference Input

2mV to 2V auto-range, agc settle 2mV/A Sensor nominal
Frequency range 48-62 Hz

Phase Resolution


Switched Excitation System

0-250V input, 2-3/4-6 turns @32A/20A per turn max;
sense turn output, 1x10m & 1x20m cables


Operating: 0 to +50°C; Storage: -20°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity: 0-95%, non-condensing


50/60Hz 1A calibrator, ±0.3%


EMC : EN61326-1 Class A
Safety: EN61010-1
Transport: EN60721 & EN60068 (part)
CE marked

Signal Accuracy

±0.5% signal ± 0.2% range (20°C)

X-Axis measurement

Magnetic Trolley or RIV-702
Calibration from 0.01-10 mm/pulse

Instrument Size and Weight

438 x 226 x 411mm (WxHxD), 7 kg
(17.2” x 8.9” x 16.2”, 15.4 lb)

Measurement speed

One 2mm record/cycle
Max speed:100mm/sec @ 50Hz;
120mm/sec @ 60Hz

Transit Case Sizes and System Weight

560 x 580 x 350mm (x2) 49 kg (23 + 26 kg)
(22.0” x 22.8” x 13.8”, 108 lb (51 + 57 lb))
(excluding PC)


145mm color LCD, backlit

Packed Size and Weight

700 x 700 x 500mm (x2), 65 kg total
27.6” X 27.6” X 19.7” (x2), 143 lb

System Contents

  • ELCID Evolution Instrument
  • Chattock Sensors (10, 20, 25 & 30cm)
  • Reference Sensor
  • Extension Leads
  • Magnetic Manual Trolley
  • Calibration Unit
  • Switched Excitation System and Windings (2)
  • Current and Voltage Meters
  • Adjustment Tools and Measuring Tape
  • Laptop Computer
  • ELAN CD with Software Licence
  • Handbook
  • Wheeled Transit Cases (2)

Related Products Avaialble

  • RIV-702 Robotic Inspection Vehicle (shown below with optional Camera System)
  • RIV-752 Camera (shown below)
  • Rotor-in-place and Hydro Excitation Systems
  • Low profile and non-standard Chattock Sensors

RIV-752 Camera

The RIV-753 camera fits the Robotic Inspection Vehicle. The camera provides visual inspection of stator and rotor and RIV alignment during rotor-in-place testing. The assembly features a built-in light and a 45° mirror, which can be remotely rotated through 360° to allow scanning of the stator and rotor, as well as viewing along the gap.

Robotic Inspection Vehicle

The RIV-702 Robotic Inspection Vehicle reduces operator fatigue, produces more consistent results and can be used for rotor-in-place testing.