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EGSB ® 2709 T

EGSB ® 2709 T

EGSB ® 2709 T consists of polyester-fabric, impregnated with a silicon carbide resin mixture in B-stage.  EGSB ® 2709 T is a flexible semi cured tape with a defined resistance characteristic, depending on the voltage due to the silicon carbide.  The improved adhesive properties guarantee a complete sealing between the layers of EGSB ® 2709 T.  EGSB ® 2709 T has got a slightly tackier surface then conventional  EGSB ® 2709 T.  The final properties are achieved when the tape has been cured and the layers bond together.


EGSB ® 2709 T is used for insulating systems in VPI technology as voltage stress grading at the overhang part of coils and bars of high voltage machines.  The performance of  EGSB ® 2709 T is highly increased by using ISOSEAL ® MF 0611 (MF ME 2400) for VPI system.  Sealing with SIOSEAL ® MF 611 (MF ME 2411) is recommended.

Tapes 20 mm wide
Other widths are available on request.


Minimum 6 months at 20 °C
Minimum 12 months at 5 °C

Processing Advice

Optimum curing Conditions: 2 hours at 160 °C
Good contact to the outer corona protection tapes (CONTAFEL®) has to be ensured by an overlap of at least 10 mm. Length of EGSB ® covering in cm: =Test voltage (kV) divided by 2 – 3 (+ overlapped length with corona protective covering)
½-lapped taping is recommended.


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Properties Test Method Unit Value
Nominal thickness IEC 60394-2 mm 0.24 ± 0.04
Total substance IEC 60394-2 g/m² 360 ± 35
Tensile strength IEC 60394-2 N/cm ≥80
Elongation IEC 60394-2 % ≥10