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Easy to use, economical system for the detection of Broken

Rotor Bars and Air Gap Eccentricity in AC induction motors.

  • Avoid costly motor repairs
  • Reduce process downtime
  • Only two minutes from connection to complete results
  • No special expertise or training required

An important part of your maintenance program


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What Is CSMeter™?

CSMeter is a portable, hand-held tester that is used for on-line testing of AC induction motors. It will detect cracked or broken rotor bars, porosity (cast rotors) and excessive airgap eccentricity. The test is fast and simple and the results are provided immediately. No expert interpretation is required.

Why Do You Need To Check The Rotors In Your Motors?

  • Broken rotor bars will reduce a motor’s torque capabilities
  • Porosity in cast rotors can create vibrations that can lead to bearing problems
  • Broken rotor bars can cause excessive heating and arcing that can damage the rotor core (see Figure 1)
  • Broken rotor bars will increase the temperature of the stator windings which can result in premature stator winding failure
  • Broken rotor bars can lift out of their slots and cause catastrophic damage to the stator core and windings
  • An eccentric rotor can be an indication of a bearing problem, or it can lead to bearing problems later. It can .also cause the rotor to contact the stator and damage both the rotor and the stator windings

What Kind Of Motors Are Most Likely To Have Rotor Problems?

  • Motors with cyclical loading, like conveyors and crushers
  • Motors that start and stop frequently
  • Motors with high inertial loads
  • High speed motors
  • Large centrifugal fan motors

What Kind Of Motors Can CSmeter™ Test?

  • CSMeter™  is capable of testing virtually all asynchronous, AC induction motors

Why Is CSmeter™ Better?

  • CSMeter is a dedicated Test System for induction motors
  • CSMeter gives you the results immediately
  • No special training or expertise is needed
  • CSMeter uses only one current probe
  • No voltage input required, so you avoid dangerous contact with uninsulated conductors
  • No speed input is required
  • CSMeter TM can detect broken rotor bars, endring failures, voids/porosity in cast rotors and air gap eccentricity levels
  • All testing is done on-line, in about two minutes, to find problems before they cause additional motor damage or result in costly machine and process downtime
  • Provides results in both text and graphical format
  • CSMeter TM can distinguish between mechanically induced side bands caused by speed reducers, and legitimate rotor bar problems uses only one current probe