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RI-1110/145 Blackboard Vinyl

RI-1110/145 Blackboard Vinyl

Durable and scratch-resistant black embossed vinyl, with a special high-tack adhesive for application to all kinds of
surfaces. Can be written on with classic chalk as often as you like being easily removed with a wet cloth.

Key features:

  • Wall and stand-up displays for restaurants, cafes and bars typically listing ‘daily specials’.

  • Cut to size blackboards for schools, offices and homes.

  • Can be used also to repair or restore old or worn framed blackboards

RI-1110/145 Blackboard Vinyl


Face Material 145μ matt black embossed
polymeric vinyl


Liner 140 g/m2 siliconised
two side PE Kraft
Size Available 100cm x 50m