P.U. (Polyurethane) 130˚C

  Enamel Modified Polyurethane
  Insulation Class 130oC
Wires Diameters Covering Standards 0.05 – 1,00 (copper)
grade 1,2
IEC 317 – 4 / 1990

Transwire’s PU is manufactured with an improved type of modified polyurethane film coating which has many desirable properties such as solderability, low loss at high frequencies and superior corona resistance.


(a) Solderable without prior removal of film 360oC
(b) Good abrasion resistance
(c) Compatibility with many varnishes and impregnating compounds
(d) Good heat shock resistance and retention of flexibility after heat aging
(e) Excellent dielectric strength
(f) Superior dielectric loss properties at high frequences
(g) Superior moisture resistance
(h) Good solvent resistance
(i) Abrasion resistance not sufficient for some high speed automatic winding applications
(j) Susceptible to solvent crazing (will self heal)

Typical Applications

  • Field, ignition, regulator, horn, meter, and miscellaneous electronic coils (R.F. flyback, choke, etc.)
  • Ballasts (fluorescent)
  • Miscellaneous small transformers (appliances, controls, etc.)
  • Open motors (fractional and smaller)
  • Electrical valve coils
  • Telephone and switching equipment relays

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