P.I. (Polyesterimide) 180˚C

  Enamel Polyesterimide
  Insulation Class 180oC
Wires Diameters Covering Standards 0.05 – 5,00 (copper)
grade 1,2
IEC 317 – 8 / 1990

PI is based on a modified Polyesterimide resin developed for magnet wire use without the amide-imide topcoat. It is not recommended for use in oil-filled transformers.

PI has excellent electrical properties, windability, abrasion resistance, solvent resistnace, and meets the heat shock requirements at 200˚C.


(a) Thermal stability allows use at 180˚C
(b) Good windability
(c) Good heat shock resistance
(d) High thermoplastic flow temperatures.
(e) Good overload resistance
(f) Extremely high dielectric strength, even when exposed to moisture
(g) Tends to hydrolize in presence of water at elevated temperatures and is, therefore, not recommended for totally enclosed systems.
(h) Susceptible to solvent crazing (will self-heal)

Typical Applications

  • Motors and dry type transformers and all coils requiring high temperature ratings.

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