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    Fine Cotton Tape

    Same as dynamo tape but thinner yarn and tighter weave.

    APPLICATION :  Field coils, end windings, transformers, cable jointing etc.

    Code Colour of center line Dimensions
    GD112 Black Line 12mm x 0,18 x 50m
    GD119 Black Line 19mm x 0,18 x 50m
    GD125 Black Line 25mm x 0,18 x 50m
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    670 Cast Series

    RI-MARK 670 SUPREME CAST is the latest generation of vinyl films dedicated to the 3D decoration of irregular surfaces and substrates with rivets and corrugations. Developed to satisfy Sign-Makers needs, it is ideal for car wrapping, marine and automotive graphics, dynamic and POP advertising, signage and interior decoration.

    Key features:

    • 54 colours to meet all customers’ needs
    • Extreme conformability
    • 10 years outdoor durability
    • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Acrylic Double Sided Foam Tape

    Used  to stick a wide range of materials together , where a high bond strength is required. 

  • Acrylic Glass Sleeving (L210)

    Silicone Resin-HD sleeving consists of a finely braided fiberglass braid impregnated and coated with a silicone resin. Silicone Resin -HD fiberglass sleeving has especially good radiation resistance in addition to resistance to ozone, moisture, corona, weathering, fungus and chemical attack.

    Where resistance to failure on push-back is required, we recommend silicone rubber-coated fiberglass sleeving.


    • Ovens
  • Acrylic Glass Sleeving (L340)

    L-FLEX L340 SLEEVING is touch flexible sleeving based on a close braided E type glass yarn coated with acrylic resins, together giving a high quality product performing under exacting standards.

    Widely used in class F motors.


  • Adhesive Transfer Tape

    Used on an applicator, to transfer strips of adhesive. No Mess No Fuss 

  • Adhesive Transfer Tape Applicator

    High quality, easy to use applicator. 

  • Aluminium foil tape

    UV resistant and water resistant with a good Acrylic adhesive, used for waterproofing and sealing of corrugated sheeting and ducting. 

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    Application Guide (High Voltage)


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    Application Guide (Iris)

    Continuous Online Partial Discharge Monitors

    The BusTrac™ and HydroTrac™ monitors are the latest in continuous on-line monitoring of PD activity in generator stator windings. They use unique methods of noise separation employing at least 2 capacitive couplers per phase. This ensures reliable and repeatable measurements by minimizing the risk of false alarms. The test data can be easily interpreted by a maintenance professional that participates in a one-day training seminar, offered by our PD experts. Since the instrument is fully compatible with all previous generations of the Hydro, Turbo or Motor coupler technology, maintenance personnel can use the historical data to make a seamless comparison to similar machines, and they can continue to solicit access to the growing Iris database of over 60,000 test results.

    PDTrac™ Monitor

    The PDTrac™ instrument provides automated, continuous partial discharge (PD) measurements for motors, generators, switchgear and dry-type transformers using one capacitive coupler per phase. The PDTrac™ monitor provides maintenance professionals with an opportunity to continuously monitor equipment for insulation deterioration. This instrument will automate measurements and store recorded data for up to 2 years. The PDTrac™ partial discharge monitor options include Sensor Input Modules, Analog Signal Output Module and dry contact Alarm Outputs. The PDTrac™ instrument can be completely controlled from a remote location and contains advanced communication options including RS485 or Ethernet TCP/IP. Plant personnel easily configure it, tests your machines, and receive an alarm when a problem is detected, all from your office!

    Guard System

    The HydroGuard™, BusGuard™, and TurboGuard™ products collectively referred to as Guard systems, can be programmed to continuously measure partial discharge (PD) activity on motors and generators rated 6kV and above. The system is sensitive to the most common stator winding failure mechanisms such as over heating, contamination and loose windings. This allows plant personnel to plan corrective action if the Guard detects problems. The Guard line is the premium continuous monitoring system since it also provides PD data as a function of AC phase angle.

    Rotor Winding Monitoring

    CSMeter™ Detector

    CSMeter™ instrument is a battery powered, hand-held data acquisition instrument which provides on-the-spot diagnosis of broken rotor bars
    for a wide range of induction motors. The CSMeter™ instrument applies advanced algorithms to specifically guard against false indications and consequent misdiagnosis in healthy motors. Additional software modules allow the user to extend diagnostic capabilities to include, for example, air gap eccentricity.

    FluxTrac™ Monitor

    The FluxTrac™ monitor is a sophisticated on-line monitor for remotely acquiring magnetic flux data from air gap mounted flux probes in synchronous motor and generator rotors. Air gap flux monitoring is a proven tool used to provide information on the integrity of the rotor winding inter-turn insulation. This information is critical in planning maintenance, explaining abnormal vibrations, and verifying new and rewound rotor integrity.

    Perioric Partial Disscharge Monitoring

    TGA-S™ Instrument

    The TGA-S™ portable instrument is designed to monitor PD in turbo generators equipped with Stator Slot Couplers (SSCs). The
    TGA-S™ instrument determines the magnitudes, rates and polarities of voltage pulses created by partial discharges. Additional parameters such as NQNs and peak pulse magnitudes are also calculated. The instrument comes equipped with user selectable USB or LAN communication modes. An external computer is used to acquire, display, and store PD test results quickly and conveniently.

    PDA-IV™ Instrument

    The PDA-IV™ portable instrument is specifically designed to monitor PD in hydrogenerators equipped with PDA capacitive couplers. The PDA-IV™ instrument determines the magnitudes, rates and polarities of voltage pulses created by partial discharges. Additional parameters such as NQNs and peak pulse magnitudes are also calculated. The instrument comes equipped with user selectable USB or LAN communication modes. An external computer is used to acquire, display, and store PD test results quickly and conveniently.

    TGA-B™ Instrument

    The TGA-B™ portable instrument is designed to monitor PD in motors and turbine generators equipped with Bus capacitive couplers. The TGA-B™ instrument determines the magnitudes, rates and polarities of voltage pulses created by partial discharges. Additional parameters such as NQNs and peak pulse magnitudes are also calculated. The instrument comes equipped with user selectable USB or LAN communication modes. An external computer is used to acquire, display, and store PD test results quickly and conveniently.

    Partial Discharge Sensors

    Hydro/Turbo/Motor Couplers

    Epoxy Mica Capacitors (EMCs) couplers detect stator winding PD activity and separate unwanted electrical noise. Three couplers are typically
    needed for motors, whereas 6 couplers are typically used on generators. A standard package includes 3 to 6 couplers, mounting hardware, insulating tapes, termination box, and coaxial cables.

    Stator Slot Couplers

    IRIS’ stator slot couplers (SSCs) are specifically designed to detect stator winding partial discharge activity in operating gas or steam turbine generators. Used in conjunction with IRIS’ TGA-S™ test instrument, the SSCs are permanently installed under the stator winding wedges in existing machines, or between the top and bottom bars in new or rewound machines.



  • Application Guide – Enamelled Wire

    Application Film Insulation
    Distribution Transformers
    Oil-Filled API
    Dry-Type API
    200°C Class API
    Power Transformers
    Oil-Filled API
    Dry-Type API
    200°C Class API
    Motors Fractical & Smaller
    Open PU
    Hermetic and Totally Enclosed PI-API, API
    Start Windings PI-API
    Motors Integral
    Generators PU-PI-API
    Alternators PU-PI-API
    Field Coils PU-PI-API
    Ignition Coils PU-PI
    Regulator Coils PU-PI
    Horn Coils PU-PI
    Misc. Coils, R.F. Flyback, Choke, etc. PU / PU-PI
    Speciality Transformers
    Ballasts (Fluorescent) PU – PI
    Ballasts (Mercury) API
    Ignition PU
    Meter Coils PU – PI
    Misc. Small Transfomrers, e.g. Appliances, Control, etc. PU – PI
  • Application Tape

    Wilec™ imports and distributes Transferrite ™ Application tapes (also known as transfer paper), manufactured my American BiltRite. The Transferrite ™ application tapes are classed as some of the best application tapes in the world. The range of tapes consist of paper application tapes with different adhesion levels ( low, medium and High tack) and Clear filmic application tapes to meet any of your application tape requirements, whether it is wet application of multi-colour overlays.

  • Armatherm® API (Armoured Polyesterimide) Enamelled Copper Conductor with Glass Overcoat

    Enamel Type

    • Base coat polyesterimide, top coat polyamide-imide

    Glass Covering

    • Electrical Grade Glass Yarn bonded with Class H solvented varnish

    Insulation Class

    • 200° C


    • IEC 317 – 13 / 1990


    Download Full Brochure


  • Armoured Polyesterimide (API) 200°C Enamelled Copper Conductor

    Enamel Type

    • Base coat polyesterimide
    • Top coat polyamide-imide

    Insulation Class

    • 200° C

    Diameters 0,2 – 500mm

    Covering grade 1, 2 or 3

    Standard IEC 317 – 13 / 1990


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  • Autoclave masking tape

    Used to bundle medical items together during sterilization. Also acts as a process indicator.  

  • Badge Mount Double Sided Tapes

    Designed to mount body side mouldings and badges of motor vehicles. 

  • Bagseal – Bobbin Dispenser

    Easy to install and use dispenser for manual or machine applications.

  • Bagseal – Permanent

    Used in the manufacturing of plastic bags that NEED to be broken to get the contents out. i.e courier bag

  • Bagseal – Resealable

    Used in the manufacturing of plastic bags that can be resealed i.e a plastic bag used to display clothing in stores.

  • Barrier tape

    Used to demarcate areas where access is temporarily restricted, around construction areas and sports events. 

  • Blue strapping tape

    Blue MOPE tape for heavy duty packaging and bundling

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    Breathers and Silica Gel

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    Buchholz Relay BS25,BS50,BS80

    Type testing

    • Measurement of the volume of gas necessary to trip the alarm
    • 500 hour salt fog
    • Electromagnetic Field test (EN 50216-2)
    • Stationary sinusoidal mechanical vibrations (EN60721-3-4)
    • A seismic test was performed (EN 50216-1)
    • Pressure withstand test 2.5 bar two minutes with oil at 100 deg C.
    • Vacuum withstand test of 2500 Pa for 24 Hrs
    • Rate of flow test to operate trip contacts
    • Test to show the relay is insensitive to oil flow from conservator to transformer
    • Electrical test

    Routine tests applied to all Relays

    • Hydraulic seal test in mineral oil at
      • 90 °C. and
      • 100 kPa pressure for
      • 30 minutes
    • Contact operation
      • Mechanical push rod
    • Contact operation
      • Lowering the oil
    • Rate of oil flow to trip the contacts
    • Electrical withstand test between contacts
    • Electrical withstand test between contacts and earth

    An individual routine test report is shipped with each relay

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  • Bus Trac


    Continuous On-Line Partial Discharge Monitoring for Turbine Generators

    BusTrac SYSTEM

    The BusTrac System consists of permanently installed capacitive couplers (2 per phase), a dedicated BusTrac instrument, a system controller, plus digital communication to continuously monitor stator winding partial discharge (PD) activity.

    Facilities that have existing bus coupler installations can easily install the BusTrac monitor by connecting the instrument to the existing coupler termination panel. The install of the BusTrac monitor does not require an outage. Iris Power field service specialists can install and/or commission your BusTrac instrument so that alarm trigger levels, and condition based measurement triggers, are set to the best levels for that particular machine.

    The BusTrac monitor offers a multitude of communication options. The monitor(s) can be wired via direct serial cable to the front panel RS232 connector. As an option, the BusTrac can also be remotely accessed when wired with an RS485 (copper or fibre), or Ethernet via an external terminal server. 


    Download Full Brochure

  • CALMICA ® 70 0866, 70 0867

    CALMICA ® 70 0866 consists of mica paper based on a uncalcined muscovite, impregnated with B-stage epoxy resin and a PET-film as carrier. CALMICA ® 70 0866 is a flexible mica paper compound which shows excellent process ability and high dielectric strength due to the PET-film. In order to prevent blocking, the flexibility of CALMICA ® 70 0867 is lower.
    CALMICA ® 70 0866 is supplied polyethylene The insulation with with CALMICA ® 70 0866 is supplied without polyethylene release film.


    CALMICA ® 70 0866 and CALMICA ® 70 0867 is used e.g. for the insulation of bars and coils of high voltage motors and generators where high resin flow (higher than e.g. CALMICA ® 70 900) is needed.  CALMICA ® 70 0866 and CALMICA ® 70 0867 are applied in full width (roll) or as tape.  Forming and curing is done in a hot press.

    Rolls maximum width 1000 mm
    Tapes from 10 mm width upward


    Minimum 6 months at 20 °C
    Minimum 12 months at 5 °C


    Processing Advice
    Temperature 130 – 180 °C
    Pressure 2 – N/mm²
    Time 8.0 – 0.5 hours
    Example: 1 hour at 160°C and 2 N/mm²

    Fully cured status is achieved after 4 hours at 160°C


    Download Full Brochure

  • CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726

    CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726 consists of mica paper with aramide fibres impregnated with silicone resin and a glass cloth as carrier.  The insulation with with  CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726 shows good taping properties and very high thermal stability.  It remains flexible after heat treatment.   CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726 is compatible with solvent free silicon impregnating resins.


    CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726 is used e.g. for endwinding  insulation in high voltage machines of thermal class 180 (H).  For copper strand conductor and main insulation of rotor windings CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726 is used as well as for pole coils and connections in traction motors up to thermal class 200 (C).  CALMICA-FLEX ® SI 2726 can be processed with or without an impregnation process with silicone resin

    Rolls maximum width 1000 mm
    Tapes from 10 mm width upward


    Minimum 12 months at 20 °C
    Minimum 24 months at 5 °C


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  • CALMICAGLAS ® 0893

    CALMICAGLAS ® 0893 consists of mica paper based on a uncalcined muscovite, glass cloth and thermosetting epoxy novolac.  CALMICAGLAS ® 0893 is a very flexible glass mica paper combination, which can be taped even on tight bends.   CALMICAGLAS ® 0893 gives a higher resin flow during pressing process compared to type CALMICAGLAS ® 2005 which allows the insulation of complex shapes.  Excellent dielectric, thermal, mechanical and chemical properties are obtained after pressing.


    CALMICAGLAS ® 0893 is used e.g. for the insulation of coils and bars  of low voltage machines.  Moreover CALMICAGLAS ® 0893 can be used for manufacturing of moulded parts such as commutator caps or wound tubes and cylinders.   CALMICAGLAS ® 0893 is supplied interleaved to prevent sticking of layers

    Rolls maximum width 1000 mm
    Tapes from 10 mm width upward


    Minimum 6 months at 20 °C
    Minimum 12 months at 5 °C

    Processing Advice 
    Pressing conditions (to achieve form stability):  
    Temperature: 130 – 180 °C
    Pressure: 8.0 – 0.5 hours
    Time: 1 -2 N/mm²
    Example: 1 hour, 160°C and 2 N/mm²
    The material is fully cured after 4 hours at 160°C  

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  • CALMICAGLAS ® 2005, 0409

    CALMICAGLAS ® 2005 and CALMICAGLAS 0409 consists of mica paper based on calcined muscovite, a glass cloth carrier and thermosetting epoxy-novolac.  CALMICAGLAS ® 2005 and CALMICAGLAS 0409  are very flexible glass mica paper combinations, which can be easily wrapped in full width by hand or taped on automatic taping machines.  After curing in a hot press an insulation with excellent dielectric, thermal and chemical properties is obtained.


    CALMICAGLAS ® 2005 and CALMICAGLAS 0409  are used for the insulation of coils of motors and generators up to highest output and nominal voltage.  CALMICAGLAS ® 2005 and CALMICAGLAS 0409 are suitable for the fabrication of moulded parts e.g. as commutator caps, tubes and cylinders.  CALMICAGLAS ® 2005 is interleaved and especially used when temperatures > 30 °C may occur during transportation or storage.

    Rolls maximum width 1000 mm
    Tapes from 10 mm width upward


    Minimum 6 months at 20 °C
    Minimum 12 months at 5 °C

    Processing Advice 
    Pressing conditions (to achieve form stability):  
    Temperature: 130 – 180 °C
    Pressure: 2 -3 N/mm²
    Time: 8.0 – 0.5 hours
    Example: 1 hour, 160°C and 2 N/mm²
    Fully cured status is achieved after 4 hours at 160°C  


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    Combined Units

  • CONDUCTOFOL ® 2009

    CONDUCTOFOL ® 2009 consists of mica paper based on calcined muscovite, impregnated with resin and a PET-film as carrier.  The combination of mica paper and polyester film provides a high breakdown voltage and good elasticity.  With the high mica content a good partial discharge, electrical creepage and radiation resistance can be achieved.  CONDUCTOFOL ® 2009 remains flexible after thermal treatment.  This permits coils to be formed and shaped without risking damage to the conductor insulation, even after pre-consolidation of the straight part after pressing the main insulation.


    CONDUCTOFOL ® 2009 is used for insulation of rectangular copper conductors of low and high voltage coils.

    Rolls maximum width 1000 mm
    Tape from 6 mm width upward
    Standard 9, 12, 15mm


    Minimum 24 months at 20ºC
    Minimum 48 months at 5ºC

    Processing Advice

    Due to the high tensile strength and good elongation CONDUCTOFOL ® 2009 permits high speed taping of rectangular copper by conventional taping machines.  The tapes needs no heating or special bonding to the copper.  Only the ends have to be fixed by and adhesive tape.


    Download Full Brochure

  • CONDUCTOFOL ® 2159

    CONDUCTOFOL ® 2159 consists of mica paper based on calcined muscovite impregnated with resin and both sides are covered with a PET-film whereas one side is additionally coated with a special adhesive.  The adhesive on the thicker PET-film melts at temperatures above 100 ºC and conductors with CONDUCTOFOL ® 2159 can be glued together in a hot press.


    CONDUCTOFOL ® 2159 is used e.g. for the insulation of rectangular copper conductors for low and high voltage coils

    Rolls maximum width 1000 mm
    Tape from 6 mm width upward
    Standard 9, 12, 15, 20 mm


    Minimum 24 months at 20ºC
    Minimum 48 months at 5ºC

    Processing Advice

    Pressing conditions for preconsolidation:
    Best bonding will be achieved at 160 ºC. In addition the adhesive on the PET-film improves bonding of the main insulation (VPI- or RR-system) to the conductor bundle. The conductor bundle covered with a release film is put into a hot press at 120 – 160 ºC and pressed for 1-5 minutes. Before opening the press is is recommended to cool down below 100 ºC.

    Additional Information

    The thicker the PET-film is coated with an adhesive


    Download Full Brochure

  • CONTAFEL ® H 0865

    CONTAFEL ® H 0865 consists of polyester fleece impregnated with a special varnish containing carbon black.   CONTAFEL ® H 0865 is highly flexible and absorbent.


    CONTAFEL ® H 0865 is used as inner and outer corona protection for coils and bars of high voltage machines in VPI as well as for Resin Rich process.

    Rolls maximum width 950 mm
    Tapes from 20 mm width upward


    CONTAFEL ® H 0865 can be stored 2 years under normal conditions (20 ºC; 50% humidity).


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    Covered Wire Products – Application Guide

    Products Types of Insulation Temp Rating °C Size Range Insulation Build Grade Properties of Insulation Main Applications Specifications
    Paper Covered/ Lapped Wire Multi Lapped Manila/ Kraft Paper or Crepe Covering Butt Lap, Half lap wound and Multi layers 105-A 6.4 to 0.50 mm 0.05 to 0.125 mm Kraft Paper thickness or as required High dielectric strength when oil immersed. Uniform radial Separation, Mechanical resistance Distribution transformers, ESP and welding transformers IS: 7404 Pt-1, BS: 4653: Pt-2, BS: 6811 Section 8,1 IEC: 317-27
    Paper Covered/ Lapped Strips Multi Lapped Manila/ Kraft Paper or Crepe Covering Butt Lap, Half lap wound and Multi layers 105-A upto 100 Sq. mm 0.05 to 0.125 mm Kraft Paper thickness or as required High dielectric strength when oil immersed. Uniform radial Separation, Mechanical resistance Oil filled distribution and power transformers. IS: 7404 Pt-2, BS: 4653 Pt-2, IEC: 317-27
    Nomex (Meta Aramid paper) Covered/Lapped Wires Aromatic Polyamide Fibre Based Paper Covering Butt Lap, half Lap, Multi layer 220-C 6.4 to 0.50 mm 0.05 to 0.125 mm High mechanical and electrical strength. Lapped construction gives uniform covering. Exceptional thermal rating. High performance coils. Dry type and resin cast transformers. IS: 11174, BS: 4653 Pt-2, IEC: 851
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    Crepe Paper Tape

    100 % Kraft Paper créped to allow a 30 % stretch after being rolled in tape form.  0,18 mm thick with an uncalendered nominal thickness of 0,2 mm.



    APPLICATION : Taping of transformer connections and complete taping of some transformer coils


    Code Size
    GE190 19 mm wide x 100 m long
    GE250T 25 mm wide x 100 m long
  • CS Meter


    Easy to use, economical system for the detection of Broken

    Rotor Bars and Air Gap Eccentricity in AC induction motors.

    • Avoid costly motor repairs
    • Reduce process downtime
    • Only two minutes from connection to complete results
    • No special expertise or training required

    An important part of your maintenance program


    Download Full Brochure

  • DC Ramp Test Set


    The DCR 50 is a simple off-line DC test to identify problems in the stator groundwall insulation system of large AC electric machines before an unexpected in-service failure occurs. Unlike the pass or fail of a DC or AC hi-pot test, the DC ramp test gives diagnostic information and can be stopped before a failure occurs.

    Unlike a stepped voltage, the ramped voltage enables the user to separate the polarization and capacitive current components from the leakage current so that small insulation defects can be easily found.

    A single-phase test usually takes less than an hour to perform and can be done by one person. The DCR 50 tests according to IEEE Std 95-2002.

    The DC Ramp Test method has been proven in use (for almost 40 years) by the US Bureau of Reclamation and others on a wide variety of machines with asphalt, polyester and epoxy-mica insulations.

    Test curves are captured on a PC to allow easy comparison to similar machines or past results.

    DC Ramp Test Set


    • Automatically ramps voltage from 0 to 50kV

    • Ground presence detection and protection

    • Optional manual voltage control (0-50 kV)

    • Automatic trip protection (high/low tracking,  output limit, fault detection)

    • Built-in winding discharge circuit

    • Analog outputs for voltage and current

    • Connection to PC to: display results as test  progresses, store multiple curves and test  parameters for later analysis and display curves side-by-side for test comparison


    Download Full Brochure

  • Denso tape

    Used to decrease the corrosion of metal/steel pipes buried in the ground. 

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    Dobeckan ® ST NV 075-4475

    Electrical Insulation System

    Impregnating Resin

    Single component, thermal class 200

    Dobeckan ® ST NV 075-4475 is a single component impregnating resin without solvents and reactive thinners like styrene and vinyltoluene, that combines rapid cure with excellent tank stability.

    Dobeckan ® ST NV 075-4475 has been designed to give very high degree of resilience to absorb thermal and mechanical shocks, which make it an ideal impregnant for Class 'H' systems ( when used in conjunction with other suitable conductor and insulation products).

    Dobeckan ® ST NV 075-4475 is classified as a non hazardous material, enabling simple transport, storage and handling.

    The components fulfil the directives 2011/65/EU, 2003/11/EC and 2006/121/EC. The raw materials of the components are pre-registered according to the directive No. 1907/2006/EC (REACH). The system does not contain by recipe substances listed in Article 57/Anex XIV 1907/2006/EC from 9th October 2008 (SVHC).

    Areas of application

    Typical applications for Dobeckan ® ST NV 075-4475 are:

    • Motors
    • Generators
    • Transformers of different sizes.


    Download Full Brochure

  • Double Sided Filmic Tape

    Used for splicing and sticking of a wide range of materials. 

  • Double Sided Foam Tape

    Used  to stick a wide range of materials together , where a high bong strength is required. 

  • Double Sided Tissue Tapes

    Used for splicing and sticking of a wide range of materials. 

  • Duct tape

    Waterproof cloth tape designed for use on ventilation ducting. Also used for packaging, bundling and protecting, around the home, office or sportsfield

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    Dynamo Tape

     Commercial quality cotton tape with centre tracer and selfedge.


    Code Colour of center line Dimensions
    GD012 Red Line 12mm x 0,25mm x 50m
    GD019 Red Line 19mm x 0,25mm x 50m
    GD025 Red Line 25mm x 0,25mm x 50m
    GD035 Red Line 35mm x 0,25mm x 50m
  • EGSB ® 2709 T

    EGSB ® 2709 T consists of polyester-fabric, impregnated with a silicon carbide resin mixture in B-stage.  EGSB ® 2709 T is a flexible semi cured tape with a defined resistance characteristic, depending on the voltage due to the silicon carbide.  The improved adhesive properties guarantee a complete sealing between the layers of EGSB ® 2709 T.  EGSB ® 2709 T has got a slightly tackier surface then conventional  EGSB ® 2709 T.  The final properties are achieved when the tape has been cured and the layers bond together.


    EGSB ® 2709 T is used for insulating systems in VPI technology as voltage stress grading at the overhang part of coils and bars of high voltage machines.  The performance of  EGSB ® 2709 T is highly increased by using ISOSEAL ® MF 0611 (MF ME 2400) for VPI system.  Sealing with SIOSEAL ® MF 611 (MF ME 2411) is recommended.

    Tapes 20 mm wide
    Other widths are available on request.


    Minimum 6 months at 20 °C
    Minimum 12 months at 5 °C

    Processing Advice

    Optimum curing Conditions: 2 hours at 160 °C
    Good contact to the outer corona protection tapes (CONTAFEL®) has to be ensured by an overlap of at least 10 mm. Length of EGSB ® covering in cm: =Test voltage (kV) divided by 2 – 3 (+ overlapped length with corona protective covering)
    ½-lapped taping is recommended.


    Download Full Brochure

  • Elcid Evolution


    EL CID has achieved world-wide acceptance as the most consistent and reliable method of detecting stator core inter-laminar insulation breakdown in large electrical machines, such as turbo and hydro generators and large motors, without any risk to the machine or user.

    EL CID offers the most cost-effective way to test the condition of a stator core in less time than any other technique. The benefits of the product have ensured world-wide acceptance of the technique, providing more consistent and reliable information on the condition of a stator core in less time and lower cost than any other marketed system.

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  • Air Drying Cat

    Elmotherm® 009-0008

    Elmotherm® 009-0008# is a solvented, alkyd resin based, air-drying, Class ‘180°C’ varnish with excellent electrical properties, good tank stability and anti-tracking qualities and incorporating a “user friendly” fungicide. Elmotherm® 009-0008# gives a bright surface finish, excellent protection against leakage currents and is particularly useful for protecting metal surfaces against oxidation as well as being an ideal impregnant for; small transformers and coils where a rapid air-drying film is required, coating insulation boards and mouldings where a good anti-tracking finish is required and can also be used for the conformal coating of printed circuit boards. Elmotherm® 009-0008# is compatible with most insulation systems, has good chemical and water resistance, has a thermal rating of 180°C and is UL listed under the Underwriters Laboratories OBOR2 File E151126(M). Elmotherm® 009-0008# is also available in a range of colours – See Over


    Elmotherm® 009-0008# is suitable for application by dip, flood, spray or brush.


    Components should be processed at ambient temperatures.

    Coated components can, however, be forced dried at elevated temperatures up to a maximum of 80°C.

    It is essential to ensure that tanks and containers of 009-0008 remain sealed or well-covered to minimise solvent loss and retain storage stability.

    Download Full Brochure


  • Air Drying Cat

    Elmotherm® 6001

    Elmotherm® 6001 is a single component, solvented, Class H epoxy varnish which has excellent moisture and
    chemical resistance.


    Dip or spray application of rotating and non-rotating electrical and non electrical equipment. Elmotherm® 6001 may also be used in coil consolidation applications.


    For a complete guide to the processing of components and machines in Epoxylite® 6001 please refer to the separate processing data sheet for this product.

    Containers of Epoxylite® 6001 should be stored in a cool place away from direct sunlight or other heat sources.

    Maintenance of Resin:

    The viscosity and gel-time of Epoxylite® 6001 in tanks should be regularly monitored and maintained
    within the recommended limits. A Tank Sample Testing service is available from Wilec.


    Minimum storage life 12 months in tightly closed containers at temperatures below 25°C.


    Refer Material safety data sheet.

    Download Full Brochure


  • Wilec Materials

    Envirotemp™ FR3™ Fluid

    Envirotemp® FR3™ Fluid is a Fire Resistant Natural Ester based dielectric coolant specifically formulated for use in distribution transformers where it's unique enviromental, fire safety, chemical, and electrical properties are advantageous.

    Envirotemp FR3 Fluid is formulated from edible seed oils and food grade performance enhancing additives. It does not contain any petroleum, halogens, silicones or any other questionable material. 

    It quickly and thoroughly biodegrades in both soil and aquatic environments. The fluid tested non-toxic in aquatic toxicity tests. It is tinted green to reflect it's favourable environmental profile.

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  • Epoxy Mica Capacitators

    Epoxy Mica Capacitors (80 pF)

    Partial Discharge Sensors for Testing High Voltage Electrical Equipment 

    Iris Power’s durable Epoxy Mica Capacitors (EMCs) are designed to detect Partial Discharge (PD) activity in electrical equipment (AC motors, generators, switchgear and dry-type transformers) while not imposing on the machines operation or reliability in any way.

    EMCs are permanently installed (minimum one per phase) as close as possible to the equipment to be monitored to maximize sensitivity. In order to improve noise separation, the EMCs are installed directionally or differentially, depending on the equipment.

    Iris Power’s 80pF EMCs are designed to block the 50/60Hz power and allow only high frequency (>40MHz) signals to pass through, be collected and analyzed by an appropriate Iris Power portable instrument or continuous monitor.

    PD monitoring is applicable to diverse equipment installations. That is why Iris Power offers four different voltage-rated capacitive couplers – 6.9kV, 16kV, 25kV and 28kV– the choice of which to install is dependent on the operating voltage of equipment.


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