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Revitex Therm Support Cord

Thermal and electrical insulating sleevings

Revitex Therm Support Cord is composed of braided polyester yarns and filled with textured fiberglass threads.
This is a product to be used as a support cord in motors and generators. The consistency of this product range could varies depending on the final application The support cord are free of oil- dextrine.

 Operating temperature: -50ºC to +180ºC

Its main features are:

  • Halogen free
  • Oil- dextrine free
  • Excellent compatibility with insulating varnishes
  • Asbestos free
  • Excellent chemical resistance


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Product Description


Support cords for motors and generators.
Due to the special composition and construction, this product easily absorbs impregnation resins of motors.

Put Up:

In coils of variable length, depending on the diameter of the sleeving.


No special handling requirements.
For product safety data and product disposal advice, see separate Safety Data Sheet.


This information and data is believed to be accurate and reliable. We place at your disposal the technical information necessary for the correct use of our products and offer the possibility of simulating in our laboratorythe conditions of many applications, in order to advise on the suitability of our products. As conditions and methods of use are beyond our control, the user must confirm suitability before adopting our products for commercial use. We reserve the right to modify characteristics with the aim of improving the product and adapting it to the requirements of the market.


Compressibility: apply 30 N load and when relieved should return > 80% of its initial diameter. Example [See Datasheet]

Reference Diameter (mm) Total Weight (gr/m) +/-10%
P0014BCF05       5 14
P0022BCF07 7 22
P0034BCF09 9 34
P0045BCF11 11 45
P0065BCF14 14 65
P0080BCF16 16 80
P0100BCF18 18 100
P0138BCF20 20 138
P0178BCF25 25 178
P0250BCD28 28 250
P0275BCD30 30 275
P0410BCD40 40 410
P0572BCD50 50 572
P0830BCD60 60 830

NOTE: Other diameters supplied upon request .

Product available in two versions:

F: soft type
D: hard type

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