Expert Motor and Generator Winding Condition Assessment Diagnostics for the Non-Expert

IRIS Power Engineering's MICAA TM system is an essential predictive maintenance tool which helps large motor and generator users assess the risk of failure of rotor windings, stator windings and laminated cores. Widely used by utilities and industry throughout the world, MICAA avoids in-service failures, improves winding maintenance planning and reduces costs.

Developed by IRIS, in cooperation with EPRI, MICAA is the product of millions of dollars of industry research and operating experience. MICAA's sophisticated yet user-friendly software is capable of storing and analyzing a vast array of motor and generator data such as test results, inspection data, and operating and maintenance history for each particular machine. This enables plant personnel to accurately and reliably plan the most appropriate maintenance and repair needs for a particular rotating machine.


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Product Description

MICAA’s motor or generator data inputs include:

  • Machine ratings
  • Temperature and vibration data
  • Machine operating hours and start-up / shutdown frequenc
  • More than 100 tests and inspections such as insulation resistance, power factor, partial discharge, flux probe, etc.
  • Repair history and catastrophic events.

To assist plant personnel in assessing the available data, IRIS’s MICAA system includes an easy-to-use TechHelp feature (provided in CD ROM format) which contains hundreds of diagrams and photos. For example, TechHelp 

  • Explains failure mechanisms
  • Details procedures for conducting visual inspections
  • Provides a step-by-step guide to perform and interpret common tests
  • Lays out common repair procedures.

Since its introduction, MICAA has been substantially improved. In its latest version, MICAA 2.3 (CD ROM) is now capable of assessing the condition of stator laminated cores, squirrel cage induction motor rotor cores and gas turbine generators.

Reduces Maintenance Costs

  • Unnecessary repairs and rewinds are avoided because of MICAA’s ability to accurately identify and rank machine problems. 
  • MICAA eliminates costly and redundant testing by ranking the tests and inspections that will be most useful in diagnosing the winding condition of a specific machine. 
  • Deteriorating motors and generators can be identified and repaired before catastrophic failure when MICAA is used as part of a comprehensive predictive maintenance program. 
  • Limited financial and plant resources can be directed to only that equipment in need of attention. 
  • Enables less experienced personnel to collect most of the relevant data for assessment and allows the experts to focus on confirming diagnoses of only those machines with identified problems.

Permanent Data Storage and Flexible Data Retrieval

  • MICAA’s database is permanently stored and the password entry system ensures access to only authorized users. 
  • MICAA can maintain a comprehensive data base for each machine’s operating and maintenance history, such as: nameplate ratings, major design features, flood occurrences, power system faults, repair history, and test and inspection results. 
  • MICAA’s permanent data storage capability ensures the availability of a complete operating history for each rotor, stator or core component. In the event a component is moved from one machine to another, the operating, test and diagnosis history is readily transferred to the new machine data set. 
  • MICAA’s comprehensive database includes graphical capabilities to chart test results for each machine.

Personnel Training Tool

With hundreds of diagrams and photos, the 300-page TechHelp feature provides even new personnel unfamiliar with rotating machines, comprehensive explanations of rotor and stator failure mechanisms, enabling them to perform sophisticated machine inspections and tests.

Versatile Operating System

  • MICAA can be run on any personal computer using a WindowsTM operating system
  • All machine information, test and inspection results and analyses are stored in a standard database format, i.e., ParadoxTM. 
  • MICAA is available in single- or multi-user configurations. Both are compatible with most LAN and WAN environments.

User Friendly

Non-specialist maintenance personnel are equipped to perform and analyze test results quickly and reliably with very little training. TechHelp provides hundreds of diagrams and photos, a complete glossary of key terms and step-by-step instructions for performing and analyzing test results.

  • MICAA provides plant operators with an easy-to-use “Why” pointer which allows users to understand the basis of any particular MICAA diagnosis, and, which pinpoints the test results, inspections, and the particulars of the operating history which contributed to the diagnosis. 
  • MICAA enables plant personnel to easily customize report outputs to improve data trending, analysis and reporting.



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