ISOVAL ® 200

ISOVAL ® 200 is in accordance with the following international standards:

IEC 60893

EP GC 203


EP GC 308



ISOVAL ® 200 is prepared from glass fabric impregnated with temperature resistant version of ISOVAL ®  epoxy system.  Laminates exhibit excellent thermal and chemical resistance as well as high mechanical strength at very high temperatures.


ISOVAL ® 200 can be used as a high quality construction material as well as an electric and thermal insulation material in various machines and equipments, especially in those areas, where high operating temperatures are coupled with high mechanical strength requirements.  The extremely good flexural and compressive strength at high temperature enable also application in those areas that traditionally could only be covered by polyimides.  The excellent chemical resistance makes ISOVAL ® 200 an ideal material in the chemical industry.


Thickness: 0.1 – 160 mm Thickness tolerances  

according IEC 60893

Standard sheet size:

2140 + 30/-0 mm x 1040 +30/-0 mm

  2800 + 30/-0 mm x 1220 +30/-0 mm (up to 130 mm thickness)
  3180 + 30/-0 mm x 1220 +30/-0 mm up to 60 mm thickness)
  3180 + 30/-0 mm x 1040 +30/-0 mm (0.2 to 60 mm thickness)
  Machine parts and cuttings are available on request.


Machining  Recommendation

Due to the strength and hardness of the laminate and also the high glass content the tools used can be subject to a great degree of abrasion.  We therefore advise that only diamond carbide tipped tools  and high speed machinery are used.


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Product Description

Values in the table are mean values of our production. Values according to the standards IEC 60893 are guaranteed.


Properties Norm Unit Value
Density ISO 1183 / A g/cm³ approx. 2.0
Flexural strength at 23 / 150 / 180 °C ISO 178 MPa 400 / 250 / 150
Flexural modulus of elasticity ISO 178 MPa approx. 24000
Impact strength (Charpy) parallel to laminations ISO 179/3 C kj/m² 33
Tensile strength ISO 527 MPa 240
Compressive strength perpendicular to laminations 23 / 180 / 220 °C ISO 604 MPa  500/ 350 / 300
Insulation resistance after immersion in water IEC 60167 Ohm  500/ 350 / 300
Electric strength at 90°C in oil perpendicular to laminations (thickness 3mm) ISO 60243  kV/mm 13
Breakdown voltage at 90°C in oil parallel to laminations IEC 60243 kV 60
Permittivity at 50 Hz and 1 Mhz IEC 60250 5.5
Dissipation factor at 50 Hz and 1 Mhz IEC 60250 0.04
Comparative tracking index IEC 60112 CTI 180
Thermal endurance IEC 60216 T.I. 200
Water absorption (thickness 10 mm) ISO 62 / 1 mg 30
Thermal conductivity DIN 52612 W / mK 0.3
Linear coefficient of expansion VDE 0304/2 1/k 1.3 x 10¯⁵
Weight increase after 1000 h stored in Freon ISO 62 / 1 % 0.1
High energy radiation resistance IEC 60544 Gy 10⁸
Flexural strength after 1000 h at 100 °C in oil ISO 178 MPa 400

All information given here are based on currently available facts and on the results of experiments performed with all due care in our laboratories. It does not in any way reduce the responsibility of the user for carrying out further tests in order to ensure successful processing and use in specific applications.

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