Hydro Flux Trac

Hydro FluxTrac™

Continuous Monitor for Hydro Generator

Rotor Winding Condition

The Hydro FluxTrac monitor from Iris Power provides a unique solution to economically and accurately detect shorted rotor turns in hydro generators online.

Why Monitor for Shorted Rotor Turns?

Once a shorted turn occurs, unbalanced magnetic pull may result, which in turn may cause an increase in vibration. However, there are many other causes of high vibration. Thus, bearing vibration is not an infallible way to detect rotor-winding aging. It is also helpful to know that the cause of high vibration is not shorted rotor turns.


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Product Description

Why On-line Monitoring?

The offline Pole Drop Test requires a considerable amount of the generator outage time and may not be effective in detecting shorted turns in the standstill condition when thermal and mechanical stresses are not present. Conversely, false indications of shorted poles may occur when, in fact, such shorts may not be present in operation.

The Hydro FluxTrac continuous online flux monitor, developed under a NYPA/EPRI* project and exclusively licensed to Iris Power, analyzes flux patterns and provides an alarm when a shorted turn situation is detected. The magnetic flux is measured as each pole passes a flux probe installed in the air gap.

Easy configuration

The Hydro FluxTrac is set up using a user-friendly configuration wizard. Alarm levels can be set for each pole and can be enabled or disabled as needed. Configuration is done through an USB interface on the monitor front using a laptop or desktop computer running the configuration wizard software.

Feature Highlights

  • Continuous online monitoring. No outage required for measurement
  • Renders Pole Drop Test redundant
  • Ability to identify poles with shorted turns
  • Programmable alarm output
  • User-friendly configuration software
  • Real-time data output available through OPC interface

Data Analysis and Output

The Hydro FluxTrac monitor can be used as a stand-alone alarming device, or if data analysis is required, the monitor can be connected to a plant Ethernet network. Real-time data from the Hydro FluxTrac monitor is broadcasted to the plant LAN through an OPC interface. A MatrikonTM OPC server is used to expose the OPC-compliant data using the OPC DA protocol. A customer-designed OPC client for easy analysis and/or display can use this data.

Hydro FluxTrac Components

The monitoring system consists of one Hydro FluxTrac monitor and one flux probe for each hydro generator. The flux probe is a low profile printed circuit board-based device to be attached to the stator core in the air gap with help of epoxy. A signal cable from the flux probe is routed to a termination box, or directlymterminated at the monitor.

Technical Specifications

  • Enclosure: NEMA 4X, fibreglass, door with transparent window to display status LEDs
  • Enclosure dimensions: 356 x 305 x 203 mm
  • Interfaces: Ethernet 100Base-T port with OPC protocol; USB port for configuration
  • Weight: Approximately 12 kg
  • Flux signal input: selectable single-ended or differential input for existing or Iris high-
  • Dynamic-range probes. Range: ±2.5~45 V peak, auto-ranging, protected to ±50 V peak. Input impedance 6 kΩ
  • Sync input: ±2~50 V peak, protected to ±75V peak. Input impedance 51 kΩ
  • Alarm output: solid state, 60-250 VDC/VAC
  • Power requirement: universal, 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 25W
  • Operating environment: sheltered, -20 oC to 50 oC, up to 95% RH
  • Software requirements: Windows 2000 SP2/2003 Server/XP SP2/Vista
  • Flux probe: flexible printed circuit board, 25x25mm (licensed from US Bureau of
  • Reclamation). Kit includes probe with attached shielded, twisted-pair, heat-resistant cable; epoxy; and termination box (148x94x151 mm). Kit weight: approx 3 kg.

R&D100 Award

The Hydro FluxTrac was included in the list of R&D100 Magazine’s 100 Most Technologically Significant Products of 2006.


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