Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM

Electrical Insulation System

Impregnating resin

Single component, epoxy VPI resin, high thermal stability

Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM is a single component, 100 % solids epoxy VPI resin specifically designed for VPI impregnation of traction armatures and coils which can operate at temperatures up to 220 ° C.

Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM is a specifically formulated version of Epoxylite TSA 220 S to provide improved film coating and film build. This product can be processed without pre-heating.

Epoxy resins of this type are 100% solids systems resulting in low emissions on cure. Polymerization of the pre-catalysed product is initiated by heat and occurs as a rapid chain reaction until a three dimensionally, cross-linked, duroplastic cured material has been produced.

The resin system is compatible with most commonly used insulation materials /systems and in conjunction with suitable insulation components will operate at temperatures up to 220ºC


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Product Description

Areas of cured resin

VPI processing of traction armatures and coils.

Properties of cured resin

The product cures to form a tough resilient material which exhibits excellent chemical and moisture

Owing to the high temperature index of 220ºC according to ASTM this product can be used for the machines up to this temperature if used with the correct insulation systems and materials.

Viscosity / Gel Time

Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM is produced with a viscosity of 5000 ± 1200 mPa.s at 25° C. The viscosity can increase during storage and application dependant upon time and temperature.

When produced Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM has a gel time of 45 ± 1.75 minutes at 165 ° C. this value can decrease during storage and application dependant upon time and temperature.

The viscosity and gel time of Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM should be regularly monitored and maintained within the recommended limits by making additions of fresh resin as regularly as possible.

Processing Methods

Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM is applied using a VPI process. The resin is designed to be cured by conventional stoving techniques and should be cured by conventional stoving techniques and should be cured at a temperature of 160 – 165 ºC.

For a complete guide to the processing components and machines in Epoxylite ® TSA 220 FM please refer to the separate processing data sheet for this product.

During storage the resin compound should be kept away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat. It should not be contaminated with water or moisture.

It will be necessary to follow the instructions of the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product.

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